Simple Pleasure- Fresh Flowers!


From top left clockwise: A single stem placed on our kitchen table, star gazer lilies left on a long stem low and next to our fireplace, on our coffee table in a drinking glass used as a vase

So, I’m thinking that this topic will be a weekly post: whatever is my main simple pleasure for the week ( could be a song, food product, experience, etc). This week I wanted to post about fresh flowers in the home. You can buy flowers really inexpensively at the farmer’s market. I paid $3 and $4 for the bunches featured in this picture and they usually last about 2 weeks. I love fresh flowers and you can separate the stems into single glasses ( I love using stemless wine glasses for displaying a single stem) and place them around your house (on your kitchen table, coffee table, bathroom counter, nightstand, etc.) In The Botany of Desire”┬áMichael Pollan explains how our love of flowers shows how beauty plays an important role in our lives (I mean the tulip was responsible for the crash of the Dutch economic market). This book was also made into a documentary which I found fascinating and it’s available on Netflix instant play. I also feel like fresh flowers just add that special touch to a home and show that someone has taken the time to display something that serves no other purpose but to add beauty, and make a home feel more loved. Flowers= simple, beautiful, cheap, and my simple pleasure for the week : )


All Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner


Kulae’s tpECO mat in the color monaco/poppy.

A new yoga mat calls for a new yoga mat cleaner! Our yoga mats were disgusting and had begun breaking down from the good use we put them to so I surprised my Matt with a new mat and bought myself one while I was at it. The color I bought was too pretty to pass up. In case you are wondering our mats are the Kulae tpECO mats and they’re perfect for Bikram or hot yoga where you work with a towel on top. These mats are closed cell so bacteria can’t get inside and sweat won’t go through. Closed cell mats are really the way to go when practicing in a heated room or if you’re the type of person who’s a sweaty mess during yoga. These are 100% biodegradable, recyclable and PVC and latex free. Matt got all black (because he’s boring like that) but I got Monaco/poppy! One side is navy blue and the other side is this bright, beautiful pinky orangey, well…poppy color. If you look at it online, the pictures don’t do it justice. If I’m feeling particularly boring I’ll practice with the navy side up and if I’m feeling a little wild and crazy, poppy will face skyward. You can check out these mats here. We bought them from our studio.

Anyways, because these mats are biodegradable, you don’t want to put them out in the sun so I thought I’d make a nice little mat cleaner we could use daily that would kill the bacteria. I chose teatree oil as the main bacteria killing agent in my spray and added essential oils to make it smell pretty.

ImageNatural Mat Cleaner

24 oz water

1/2 tsp teatree oil

1/2 tsp sweet orange essential oil

1/2 tsp lemon essential oil

Mix these ingredients in an empty spray bottle. I just give the bottle a little shake shake and then spray it on the mat. You could use any scents you want but I chose these because you can’t really go wrong with citrus, and because they were under 5 dollars at Whole Foods : )

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend!

When the Whole Earth Catalog ended this was their farewell quote to readers. To me, stay hungry means continue to strive, search, and desire. We are motivated by our desires and our goals. What is life without these? Stay foolish … Continue reading