Happy Weekend!

Sorry about the late post (Happy Weekend is usually posted on Saturday not Sunday) but I was at the regional yoga asana championship in Petaluma, Ca yesterday competing for the very first time! It was such an awesome experience and I will do a blog post on this later in the week.


This quote is so true. For example, the anxiety I wrote about in my last post “Don’t Take Things Personally” was consuming me. I’ve heard it said that things start out as a whisper and then turn into a scream. I believe I had been taking things personally for a while, probably my entire life, but it was time to learn that lesson, and thus became a scream, so loud I couldn’t ignore it. If you find yourself placed in situations repeatedly that feel negative, ask yourself “what is the lesson I haven’t learned yet”. For instance, do you always feel like the victim, do you always feel disrespected by others, or alone, or left out? What part are you playing in placing yourself back into these situations? What lesson haven’t you learned yet? Or, is there someone in your life that drives you crazy with resentment, anger, annoyance? What can you learn from them? I believe that life is a journey in which we are constantly provided with opportunities to learn and grow if you know how to recognize these opportunities. Often pain and suffering is a growing opportunity disguised. “Nothing ever goes away, until it teaches us what we need to know”.


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