There’s Power in A Decision

One lesson I’ve learned from training for the yoga competition is that there is power in a decision. My body has changed drastically in just a few simple months and my postures have improved as well. I’ve become stronger, mentally and physically, and while I have been doing more yoga than I typically would have, I think the real power lies in having a goal to work towards.

I have heard time and time again artists and musicians say that there came a time when they had to decide their occupation was going to be their art. Adam Duritz from the Counting Crows discussed his decision to be a musician in an interview. He reported that he had to make the decision that he was a musician (not someone who wrote songs or played music on the side). After he made that decision (that commitment), things began to unfold for him and his musical career.

If I had waited until I was “good enough” to compete before I committed to competing, who knows if I would have ever been “ready”. There is power in a decision, and sometimes you have to take a leap of faith. With yoga, as with life, so much of what we do is based on faith. You work on a posture everyday in class and change happens so slowly sometimes, that you don’t even notice it until one day, suddenly, you can touch your toes in triangle, or kick your foot above your head in standing bow. This is true of life as well. You can’t only begin journeys when you can see the finish line from the start. Often, you must take single steps, with faith that one day you will get to your destination.

These two pictures show the progression in just a couple of months of standing bow pose. Remember: there’s power in a decision…in a leap of faith.


Standing bow at the end of October/beginning of November


Standing Bow end of December/beginning of January


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