Happy Weekend!

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Sometimes gratitude can be a bitch!  There have been many times in life when my outlook was negative, for example why me? I don’t deserve this? But looking back, the main thing that propelled me to rise above those feelings was gratitude. How can it be? It can be so hard sometimes to really appreciate the moment when it seems like everything around you is terrible. But when you truly become grateful for the moment and what you have  it completely unlocks the door for more greatness to come in. Gratitude unlocks hope. That has been my case every time. It does take quite a bit of effort at times but gratitude will take you to places far beyond your imagination. In my case, gratitude has taught me to appreciate the small things. I have a tendency to keep my eye on the prize and think when I “get there” that’s what’s going to make me happy, but the case has been completely the opposite. The things that blow my mind have been the smallest and seemingly most insignificant, a butterfly on the lawn, a good cup of coffee or a walk to farmers market. It has opened me up to many things that have been there all along but for some reason I’ve only been able to see them when I reached a certain level of appreciation. This life is short and for me when I’m felling appreciative about all of the things that have happened in my life, it kind of all makes sense. So if your life’s seems like a mess, be grateful, give it some time, and I’m sure you’ll see how the pieces start to fall into place.


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