Sweet Snack


After turning down delicious gluten-filled foods today I was craving something familiar. This raisin bread toasted with a little earth balance was just what the doctor ordered!


We found this at Whole Foods and popped it into our freezer so we can always have it on hand : )


2 thoughts on “Sweet Snack

  1. Just curious as to wether you guys had any reactions to the Udis bread. I tried their cinnamon raisin bread a while ago and found that I couldn’t digest it easily (it made me a wee bit gassy). I think it was the gum (guar or xanthan), since I also used to have trouble with my own homemade cookies when I used gums in them. Let me know how it goes for you after a few days, since people are often asking me to recommend a good gluten-free bread, and I’m not sure if my experience with Udis was just personal.

    • Well, it’s only been a day or so since we’ve eaten them and we haven’t noticed any problems yet. So far, so good. We made some cookies with guar gum last night and the other day and felt fine as well. I’ll let you know by the end of the bag if we have any problems.

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